More than nutrition

Our resources

Committed personnel

Expertise, combined with open-mindedness and a constant thirst for innovation, are an integral component of the Group’s DNA, forming the foundations that underpin its values. It is this spirit that motivates the men and women working in the Group to constantly go further, always seeking to push the boundaries... The commitment of each and every one of them, as well as the transfer of knowledge are the keys to success. Supported by more than 250 employees, the TECHNA Group develops the solutions of tomorrow, all around the globe and for everyone.

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Dynamic R&D

The TECHNA Group’s scientific dynamics is driven by 3 key levers:

  • The in-house Research and Development division
  • Collaboration contracts with outside partners in France and abroad: higher education, establishments and universities, public and private research institutes, industrials, pilot farms, field trials
  • The Euronutrition SAS experimental centre.



Effective ressources

4 production sites across the world

  • Malville in France
  • Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe in France
  • Bouficha in Tunisia
  • Bouskoura in Marocco

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Efficient resources to serve productivity:

  • A testing laboratory
  • A documentation centre
  • Technical data analysis tools, serving the livestock farming industry
  • Efficient on-line services