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Our subsidiaries

The TECHNA Group is composed of 11 subsidiaries.
A local approach, around the globe: each company, supportedby its experts and field knowledge, promotes the Group’s 5 trades. The TECHNA Group can therefore offer a response tailored to the global market, taking into account specific local characteristics.

in France


A specialist in animal and crop nutrition, TECHNA puts forward original solutions that are animal,...
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Techna France Nutrition

TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION is the subsidiary responsible for feed expertise activities, TECHNA Group’s...
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NUTRAL has been working alongside livestock farmers for more than 45 years, helping them improve...
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Created in 1995, HEXAGRI specialises in plant nutrition. In 2010, it became TECHNA Group’s plant...
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Horse Techna

HORSE TECHNA is the equine speciality subsidiary. With more than 50 years’ cutting-edge expertise...
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at International

Techna India

TECHNA INDIA Private Limited was established in 2022 as the seventh subsidiary of the TECHNA Group...
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Techna Afrique Centrale Ouest

Created in 2017, TECHNA AFRIQUE CENTRALE ET OUEST is  the TECHNA Group’s affiliate in charge of the...
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Ege Techna

EGE TECHNA was created in 2002 in the Turkish city of Izmir. It markets TECHNA Group products and...
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Techna Ireland Nutrition

TECHNA IRELAND NUTRITION is TECHNA Group’s Irish subsidiary. It markets premixes, additives and...
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Techna Pologne

TECHNA Group launched its activities in Poland in 1993, providing for the nutritional needs of one...
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Techna Tunisie

A TECHNA Group subsidiary, TECHNA TUNISIE was created in November 2001. Today, its business...
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Techna Vitamix

Founded in 1992, TECHNA VITAMIX is a leading technical reference in Morocco. Its objective is to...
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TECHNA SA is the holding company, sustaining the development of all 11 subsidiaries.