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Creation year : 2010

Location : Cavan, Irlande

Team : 5 people

Markets : Ireland and the United Kingdom

Unit D1 Cavan Enterprise Centre Dublin Road
H12 YP60 - CAVAN

+353 49 4380355

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TECHNA IRELAND NUTRITION is TECHNA Group’s Irish subsidiary. It markets premixes, additives and animal and plant specialities. These products, along with associated services, are aimed at animal feed and cereal producers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

TECHNA IRELAND NUTRITION’s core business is centered around feed formulation, nutritional expertise and crop protection. Having enjoyed significant growth in its ruminant business, the company is currently diversifying into the monogastric market (pigs and poultry), crop nutrition and speciality products for horses.



TECHNA IRELAND NUTRITION offers the following TECHNA Group expertise and products:

  • poultry nutrition and husbandry;
  • protein optimisation for dairy cow feed (NOVATAN®);
  • Dairy cow diet optimisation via ration balancing software (CARTALIM®);
  • piglet growth performance maximisation in a context of the reduced use of medicinal products;
  • nutritional solutions as part of a rational crop management approach;
  • nutritional specialities to address specific husbandry issues (reproduction, milk production, parasite risks, respiratory comfort etc.);
  • equine specialities for horse performance (PASKACHEVAL® ranges: minerals, nutrition, care and tack).

Flagship products


NOVATAN® improves the digestive function of dairy cows, increases milk production, and limits nitrogenous waste.

NOVATAN® is a solution made with essential oils, aromatic compouds and trace elements. Its action increases the zootechnical performances of dairy cows by improving the use of the proteins in the diet.

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CARNEO® BOOST is an additive solution developed from TECHNA’s research. By stimulating rumen flora, CARNEO® BOOST directs fermentation  in a way that lactate acid is reduced and propionic acid (C3) is improved, in a proportion between +15 à +21%.

This propionic acid is particularly favorable to the muscle development of fattening cattle. Its effectiveness has been proven in numerous field trials on different types of breeds (Charolais, Belgian Blue, Limousin, Cross breeds…) and diets  (silage, by-products, ad lib concentrate diet…).


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The various changes triggered by weaning (separation with the mother, changes of feed and of environment) can have a damaging impact on piglet intestinal microbiota. These disorders can lead to inflammations and diarrheas which, in turn, affect growth performance.


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Thanks to the palatable, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of its components, AVIANCE® is designed to stimulate digestive functions, help achieve a perfect balance of intestinal flora, contribute to the increase of the intestinal absorption surfaces. AVIANCE® is an original formulation made with phenolic aromatic compounds.

AVIANCE® also incorporates ideal protection for its constituents, thanks to an innovative technology that allows the targeted release of active substances with proven zootechnical effectiveness.


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PROTICAL® is a highly absorbable source of calcium.  It also contains precursors of the components of the skeleton.

By strengthening the bone structure, this product increases the calcium storage capacity in the poultry. In a laying hen, PROTICAL® limits the mobilisation of calcium of the bone marrow: the strength of the shell is clearly increased.

It results in a 30% reduction of the number of broken or downgraded eggs, and a decline in the number of cracked eggs. The bone structure of the animal is better preserved.

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AQUAVIANCE is a new additive solution designed to optimize performance in fish and shrimp farming. AQUAVIANCE's rational composition, blending aromatic plant extracts with protected essential oils and prebiotics, is designed to stimulate digestive functions, contribute to a good balance of intestinal flora and enhance shrimp and fish performance.

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