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Creation year : 1999

Location : Wroclaw, Poland

Resources : Office and warehouse space

Team : 12 people among whom 10 experts in zootechnics and nutritionists

Markets : Poland

UI Minska 54-56
54-610 - WROCŁAW

+48 713 740 067

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TECHNA Group launched its activities in Poland in 1993, providing for the nutritional needs of one of the biggest batches of grandsire hens. Following the development of the market, TECHNA POLOGNE was established in 1999 in Wroclaw.

TECHNA POLOGNE pioneered the launch of new nutritional techniques and new additives in the Polish market.
Adapting to market needs, we have built up a product range aimed at feed manufacturers and breeders who manufacture on the farm. We also provide a range of animal nutritional specialities aimed at farmers.”

Krzysztof MIESZKOWSKI, Managing Director TECHNA POLOGNE


TECHNA POLOGNE provides numerous services, associated with products formulated and manufactured in France to the highest quality standards:

  • optimisation of nutrition thanks to a dedicated and powerful software;
  • quality control and technology of feed;
  • quality control plan of raw materials, fodder/forages and feed.


Flagship products


Thanks to the palatable, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of its components, AVIANCE® is designed to stimulate digestive functions, help achieve a perfect balance of intestinal flora, contribute to the increase of the intestinal absorption surfaces. AVIANCE® is an original formulation made with phenolic aromatic compounds.

AVIANCE® also incorporates ideal protection for its constituents, thanks to an innovative technology that allows the targeted release of active substances with proven zootechnical effectiveness.


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NOVATAN® improves the digestive function of dairy cows, increases milk production, and limits nitrogenous waste.

NOVATAN® is a solution made with essential oils, aromatic compouds and trace elements. Its action increases the zootechnical performances of dairy cows by improving the use of the proteins in the diet.

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The various changes triggered by weaning (separation with the mother, changes of feed and of environment) can have a damaging impact on piglet intestinal microbiota. These disorders can lead to inflammations and diarrheas which, in turn, affect growth performance.


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PROTICAL® is a highly absorbable source of calcium.  It also contains precursors of the components of the skeleton.

By strengthening the bone structure, this product increases the calcium storage capacity in the poultry. In a laying hen, PROTICAL® limits the mobilisation of calcium of the bone marrow: the strength of the shell is clearly increased.

It results in a 30% reduction of the number of broken or downgraded eggs, and a decline in the number of cracked eggs. The bone structure of the animal is better preserved.

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