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Creation year : 1992

Location : Bouskoura, Marocco

Resources : Plant and laboratory

Team : 20 people

Markets : Poultry (across the Moroccan territory) and Ruminants in the Gharb

ZI d’Ouled Saleh - Lot n°16

+212 522 59 29 30

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Founded in 1992, TECHNA VITAMIX is a leading technical reference in Morocco. Its objective is to provide the specific expertise required to address the needs of its customers in the Moroccan animal and plant production sector. To do so, the company has at its disposal a team of experts, a production site located in Bouskoura and innovative products: additives, premixes and nutritional specialities for livestock farming and horses.

Local production, combined with TECHNA Group products and the teams’ expertise, enable TECHNA VITAMIX to meet the variety of needs of all players in the Moroccan market: feed manufacturers, breeders and farmers.

Fouad DJEBBAR, Managing Director TECHNA VITAMIX


TECHNA VITAMIX provides a range of products and services for its customers:

  • Additives, premixes for animal nutrition;
  • Nutritional specialities for plants and animals;
  • A range of technical products for horses.
  • Customisation of mineral food supplements and additive premixes on the basis of production;
  • Feed formulation and raw material analysis;
  • Nutritional and zootechnical expertise provided by the local team or various TECHNA Group specialists;
  • Technological consulting and support for quality initiatives.


Flagship products


NOVATAN® improves the digestive function of dairy cows, increases milk production, and limits nitrogenous waste.

NOVATAN® is a solution made with essential oils, aromatic compouds and trace elements. Its action increases the zootechnical performances of dairy cows by improving the use of the proteins in the diet.

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Thanks to the palatable, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of its components, AVIANCE® is designed to stimulate digestive functions, help achieve a perfect balance of intestinal flora, contribute to the increase of the intestinal absorption surfaces. AVIANCE® is an original formulation made with phenolic aromatic compounds.

AVIANCE® also incorporates ideal protection for its constituents, thanks to an innovative technology that allows the targeted release of active substances with proven zootechnical effectiveness.


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EPATRAL® is intended for all livestock animals subjected to digestive and liver challenges. It is suitable for ruminants, pigs and poultry. It is used to support the role of liver detoxification and improve the activity of this organ’s other functions. EPATRAL® sustains optimal functioning of organs involved in digestion: liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

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PASKAMINE® is a mineral and polyvitamin supplement that is rich in vitamins E and C and in plant extracts. It is particularly suited for athletic horses. PASKAMINE® also provides B-group vitamins, as well as substances that promote the good functioning of the liver (sorbitol, choline and plant extracts).

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Reliable products and services designed to improve animal nutrition.

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Sustainable solutions for a meticulous approach to animals.

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Products serving eco responsible practices.

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A broad range of qualitative products combined with equine expertise.

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