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The TECHNA Group develops sustainable and eco-responsible solutions for livestock farmers. With no withdrawal period, these products are the result of over 45 years dedicated to a “prevention is better than cure” philosophy.

  • Ruminants
  • Pig
  • Poultry
  • Rabbit

Our challenge

Contribute to the rational management of sanitary and environmental risks on livestock farms, without losing sight of productivity and with evidence to back it up!

  • Support physiological functions (detoxification, immunity, hormone dialogue) and natural balances (bacterial populations, parasitism)
  • Help reduce health spending, as well as antibiotic use
  • Make animals and breeders central to our strategy

Our expertise

  • A laboratory experienced in the management of plants and infinite dilutions
  • Expertise in precision nutrition, in terms of minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • An empirical approach as a driver for product creation and innovation
  • An R&D department dedicated to assessing the efficacy of our solutions on the farm
  • Trained technical field teams, aware of the problems faced by breeders and familiar with the livestock farming profession


Our solutions

  • Product ranges, supports to aid a sustainable approach on livestock farms for breeding conditions, management of parasitic risks, respiratory comfort, milk quality and zootechnical optimisation
  • Appropriate galenic forms and distribution programmes
  • Tailored nutrition and health solutions for ruminant farmers
  • Direct marketing or marketing via our subsidiaries and distributors, artificial insemination centres, farming groups and production organisations, vets, feed manufacturers, dairies, etc.)


Flagship products


TARITRAL® assists the physiological changes related to weaning and return on heat. TARITRAL® has to be used during the dry period after the last teat stimulations (milking, suckling). It aims to sustain the hormonal changes during this period and contributes to the preservation of udder integrity throughout the lactation periods. TARITRAL® can be used on swine and dairy ruminant: cows, goats and ewes.

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The METRABOL® bolus helps the uterus to quickly return in a functional status after calving. It is suited to go with the uterine discharge during the post-calving days. METRABOL® supports an efficient uterine involution after calving thereby contributing to an earlier coming on heat.

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ACTIGREEN® assists the development and the upkeep of ruminants’ immune protection against parasites (premunity). It contributes to the balance between host and parasites at the gastro-intestinal level.

ACTIGREEN® is appropriate in cases of parasitic infestations in the digestive tract at pasture. ACTIGREEN may be distributed during the pasture period or when ruminants return to stables.

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EPATRAL® is intended for all livestock animals subjected to digestive and liver challenges. It is suitable for ruminants, pigs and poultry. It is used to support the role of liver detoxification and improve the activity of this organ’s other functions. EPATRAL® sustains optimal functioning of organs involved in digestion: liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

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