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How can we manage weaning stress with less medication and less Zinc oxide? Logo Feedia

Separation with his mother, changes of feed and environment can have a damaging impact on a piglet’s intestinal microbiota. Watch this video and get Techna's expertise on how to ensure successful weaning.

Weaning strongly affects piglet intestinal microbiota

Separation with his mother, change of environment, change of feed: the weaning period is very disruptive for piglets. This stressful period also affects their intestinal microbiota.

These brutal changes lead to behaviour of anorexia, which reduce the development of intestinal villi. Weaning stress increases immune deficiencies and leads to the development of opportunistic infections. The accumulation of those disorders causes inflammations and diarrhoeas which have damaging consequences on piglet growth performance.

Managing piglet weaning stress with less medication and less Zinc oxide

Promoting a stable feed intake while maintaining digestive security is one of the key for a successful weaning with less medication and Zinc oxide.

To ensure this weaning, Techna has developed Reganol, a judicious association of essential oils and vegetable extracts from aromatic plants and citrus.
Essential oils are very volatile. Yet in Reganol, these essential oils are highly concentrated and encapsulated in a lipid matrix.

The piglet can then reap the benefits of these assets: stimulation of feed intake while maintaining digestive security thanks to the anti-oxidative and immunostimulant properties of these ingredients, action on the microbiota and on the integrity of the gut epithelium.

Do you want to find out more on how to manage weaning stress with less medication and less Zinc oxide in your own production context? Do you want to have more information on Reganol? If so, our experts stand ready to answer your questions and share their insights. Please contact us! 

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