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R&D Engineer

The R&D engineer implements R&D projects in France and abroad. He/she consolidates and provides data, results and analyses on Natual and Feedia solutions for the technical and sales forces.

Mission statement

  • Take part in setting up and monitoring field trials in France and abroad:
    • Take charge of creating protocols and passing them on to breeders;
    • Organise data collection and analysis with experimental partners;
    • Process and analyse data and draw up experiment reports;
  • Working with technical sales representatives to provide technical support and monitoring in its area of expertise:
    •  Keeping a regular watch on targeted areas in order to enrich knowledge with products and expertise.
    • Contribute to the development and evolution of products.
    • Contributing to the commercial offer and technical documents on all media.
  • Take part in or lead technical meetings with partners and technical sales representatives and report back to them on the results of your experiments.
Collaborator TECHNA - R&D Ingineer in a farm


  • Working with most of the company's departments, as part of a team of experts. 
  • Mixed work in the field, setting up and monitoring trials, and in the office, analysing data and reporting results.
  • Working a fixed day, R&D engineers organise their working days.
  • Travel (40% of the time) throughout France and occasional international assignments
Collaborator TECHNA - R&D Ingineer laboratory


Higher education in animal production with a keen interest in livestock, particularly ruminants, and in working in the field.

Desired qualities

Be passionate about creating and perfecting alternative and/or complementary solutions, curious, enjoy human contact with breeders, technicians and partners.

Career prospects

This is a rewarding and challenging job that will evolve as our environment changes. This position could progress to R&D Project Manager or Technical and R&D Manager.