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2024 Swine Days' Research, TECHNA reveals its advances in swine nutrition

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February 8, 2024

The 56th Swine Days' Research  (SDR) were held in Saint-Malo on February 6 and 7, 2024. The SDR co-organized by IFIP and INRAE, are an opportunity to inform industry partners of research results that can have direct applications, in order to contribute to the competitiveness of the swine industry while meeting new societal demands: respect for the environment and animal welfare, food safety of products offered to consumers.
Techna, as a member of the supporting committee, is a partner of the event. This year, two posters were presented by the Feedia and Natual teams.


Nutritional strategies to reduce inorganic phosphate levels, improve performance and maintain optimal bone mineralization in piglets

Phosphorus is essential for growth, development and maintenance of mineralization, but its use is at the heart of economic, environmental and supply sustainability issues. In piglets, reducing calcium intake improves P and Ca release at high phytase doses.

Swine Days' Research - Techna Poster
Tristan BREHELIN and Cécile ROUGIER

In parallel, Ca and P depletion-repletion in fattening pigs improves mineral utilization efficiency without affecting performance or bone mineralization.
The aim of this study was to test the effect of reducing calcium and phosphorus intake with inorganic phosphate-free diets, and the value of the superdosing phytase concept in piglets to limit dependence on inorganic phosphates.

This trial confirms the value of lowering calcium levels in piglets to reduce buffering capacity and optimize digestibility of CA and P

The use of high doses of phytase is a lever for significantly improving growth performance and mineralization. A minimum phytate content of 0.27% must be respected to guarantee a sufficient substrate level for the application of such matrix values.
This test opens up the possibility of overcoming dependence on inorganic phosphate
without compromising performance and bone mineralization in piglets.

Supporting sows’ reproductive performance from farrowing onwards

The farrowing process has a direct impact on the post-partum health of sows, and consequently on their reproductive performance. The aim of the study was to assess the value of a dietary supplementary feed in supporting the health and reproductive performance of sows, from farrowing to the first insemination.

The study demonstrated the benefit of the test product in supporting the sow during the peripartum period, with a 51% reduction in the need for strong assistance during farrowing, a 31% reduction in delivery time and 88% of sows with a temperature at 5 days post-partum. The impact on the sow's future reproduction can then be seen in the 13% improvement in uterine involution score.

Swine Days' Research - Techna Poster
Julien REDOR and Florian MOREAU

The research presented by TECHNA at the SDR demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement in pig nutrition practices. These advances contribute not only to strengthening the industry's competitiveness, but also to meeting growing societal challenges such as respect for the environment and animal welfare. For further information on these studies, please contact us to receive the corresponding posters.

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