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Governance changes at Techna

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September 25, 2023

After 34 years with Techna, Jean-Luc MOUSSET, President of the Group and Managing Director of Techna France Nutrition, will retire on 30 September 2023.

With this departure, an important page in the company's history turns, and the necessary transition has been in preparation for several years.

Jean-Marc PINSAULT, CEO of the Techna Group, will succeed Jean-Luc MOUSSET as Managing Director of Techna France Nutrition and President of the Techna Group. He also replaces Jean-Luc MOUSSET as President of Triatec, which is the majority holding company of the Techna Group bringing together the company's employee shareholders.

"This succession is part of the handover plan that we have been implementing since 2020, and will enable us to maintain close links between the Group's Executive Management, our feed expertise business supported by the Feedia brand, and our partner customers in France and abroad", explains Jean-Marc PINSAULT.

Gwenaël Forgeard, Jean-Luc Mousset et Jean-Marc Pinsault
Gwenaël FORGEARD, Jean-Luc MOUSSET et Jean-Marc PINSAULT

Gwenaël FORGEARD will take up the position of Feedia Market Director on 1 October 2023, following a transition phase that is already underway with Jean-Luc MOUSSET.

Gwenaël joined the Techna Group in 2003. He has been Head of Product Innovation and Management Decision Tools since 2018. He was previously Ruminant Nutritionist for nearly 14 years. Gwenaël also has experience abroad, first as Technical Manager at Techna Tunisia and then as an active player in the creation of Techna Ireland Nutrition. Since 2018, he has been involved in developing our activities in the Ireland and United Kingdom area.

"We are very satisfied with this appointment, which is the fruit of Gwenaël's strong commitment to the company over the past 20 years, as well as recognition of his skills and ambition to develop Techna," adds Jean-Marc PINSAULT.

"All these changes, both in terms of people and governance, are part of the continuity and aim to guarantee the long-term future of our Techna model, based on the values of independence, technical expertise, innovation and performance at the service of our partner customers," concludes Jean-Marc PINSAULT.