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Paskacheval seminar in Morocco: a success for equine health and nutrition Logo PaskaCheval

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November 13, 2023

On 13 October, Techna Vitamix organised a seminar dedicated to equine health and nutrition under the Paskacheval brand. The event, held at El Jadida in Casablanca, brought together 40 customer partners who are passionate about horses, their performance and their well-being.

A seminar dedicated to the latest advances in equine nutrition

After a welcome lunch with all the participants, it was off to the technical seminar organised and led by three speakers who are experts in their field:

  • Dr Fouad Djebbar, Chairman and CEO of Techna Vitamix, who presented the Techna Group and Techna Vitamix's activities.
  • Mr Guillaume Durand, Horse Techna Director, spoke about the management of gastric ulcers in horses, oxidative stress and the management of foal weaning.
  • Dr Mohamed Acharouak, Market Manager for Animal Nutritional Specialities, presented the Paskacheval range.

The seminar ended with a gala dinner, an opportunity to continue discussions and strengthen links between participants.

Dr Mohamed Acharouak
Dr Mohamed Acharouak

Techna Vitamix, committed to equine health and nutrition

The seminar was a success for Techna. It provided an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, and to generate concrete ideas and projects.
Among the ideas put forward were the organisation of information days for breeders, and an expression of interest in certain products not yet registered in Morocco.

Séminaire Paskacheval au Maroc, photo de groupe

Techna Vitamix is committed to developing the equine industry in Morocco. The seminar in El Jadida is proof of this commitment and of the company's desire to contribute to the well-being of horses. With its 14 products marketed under the Paskacheval brand, Techna Vitamix works with all players in the Moroccan horse sector, including vets, breeders and distributors.

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