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Techna employees get together to imagine tomorrow's agriculture

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December 13, 2023

Feeding the world's growing population in a sensible and sustainable way is a huge challenge for our customers in the agricultural sector.

We have invited our teams to express their interpretation of the challenges facing the agricultural sectors, while identifying the responses we are currently providing.

How is Techna playing its part in meeting the major challenges of tomorrow?

In order to bring our teams together and spend time discussing our mission of offering sustainable performance prospects for agricultural production, we designed the Techna Fresco of Tomorrow's Agriculture.

This workshop brought together no fewer than 170 Techna employees from our various subsidiaries in France and abroad.

Several Techna teams holding their frescoes in their hands

There were several objectives:

  • Raise awareness among our teams about our customers' challenges
  • Identify the solutions offered by Techna
  • Experience the strength of the Techna collective: the complementary nature of skills, knowledge and areas of expertise adds value to the group.
Examples of issue cards
Examples of challenges: they are multiple and complex

The workshop was an enriching experience, rich in exchanges and offering a sense of perspective, where our mission as experts appears to be useful for the future of everyone and is universally embedded in reality.

Techna is fully committed to a supportive role, drawing on science, its technical expertise and technologies, the only effective levers to serve a trajectory of improvement and progress.

Exemples de cartes solutions Techna
Examples of Techna solutions

+ que jamais engagés pour la performance

A 2-hour collective intelligence workshop in three stages:

1- In teams, participants organised the 30 issues cards into a logical system, highlighting the cause-and-effect links between each of them.

2- They then placed Techna's commitment cards and were able to assess the scope of Techna's involvement with animal production sectors.

3- Finally, the teams improved, enriched and shaped their ideas, creating intelligent and collective frescoes, real works of art reflecting their vision of tomorrow's agriculture.

The feedback from the teams was positive: conviviality, sharing, listening, bringing people together, fun, etc. were all terms used to describe the exercise.

Our collective commitment to our customers has always been our hallmark. On the eve of our 60th anniversary, we are renewing our commitment to working alongside our customers to contribute to the sustainable performance of the agricultural sectors and to help them achieve this objective. Let's take action together!