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Sehren, management of red mite populations (Dermanyssus gallinae)


Red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) represent a major challenge in terms of animal health and economic performance. This mite, which prefers the dark of night to feed on the blood of poultry, is not only a source of stress and disease for poultry, but also a significant cause of economic losses for farmers.

SERHEN is a product that helps to manage the red mite population thanks to its repellent action.

Mode of action:

The complete programme combines SERHEN 1 & 2 additive solutions and a red mite population management protocol, with the aim of :

  • reduce the red mite population
  • reduce stress for animals and farmers by reducing red mite pressure,
  • modulate inflammatory reactions,
  • maintain the performance of laying hens.

This approach is differentiated according to the pressure of the red mite population.

Proven performance:

Using SERHEN helps optimise performance*:

  1. Technical: 
    • A hen without red mite lays an average of 332 eggs a year, whereas a hen in contact with red mite will lay an average of 324 eggs a year (for an average pressure): a loss of 2.41%.
  2. Economic:
    • ROI 1:5 with implementation of the SERHEN concept (Reference: Europe) *

Scientific references:

*Proven results in several rearing and in vitro trials conducted by Techna and its partners in 2016, 2023 and 2024.

Exists in BIO version


  • Powder

Incorporated into feed. Rate to be adjusted according to product concentration, species and physiological stage

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