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Two consultants launched the "TECHNA" adventure. Fifty years later, more than 280 employees work for the company. It has come a long way. The demands on our expertise in the future will be numerous given the food challenges facing the planet. Accordingly, our human resources policy is structured around several priorities:

  • an ambitious recruitment drive, with vacancies in a variety of areas;
  • professional integration processes combining immersion, exchange, conviviality and mentoring;
  • talent and career management, targeting ever greater expertise.

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The plant and animal worlds are constantly evolving. Every year, we expand our range of activities as we enter new markets and establish new entities. Our business lines adapt to these changes. Our leitmotifs are to acquire additional know-how in order to reinforce our expertise, to discover new cultures and to regularly reinvent our customer partnership arrangements.

Feed formulator in Feedia feed expertise
"The reliability of our formulas is essential because the specifications are based on nutritional requirements derived from our matrices."
Testimony technical sales rep in farms for animal specialities Nutral Techna
It’s my job to help farmers find solutions to their problems and optimise their farming operations.
Testimony ruminant species specialist Techna feed expertise company
“Our objective is to enable the farmer customers of feed manufacturers to increase the technical and economic efficiency of their operations.”


techna valeurs groupe independant et innovant The men and women who join TECHNA Group become active players in its development and innovations. The Group is constantly boosted by the fresh curiosity and ingenuity associated with the arrival of new talent. In return, its experts will pass on their expertise and know-how. TECHNA is an independent and innovative Group, a human-sized structure that values close relationships with its employees and customers.

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Higher education policy

forum emploi rencontre etudiants avec le groupe technaTECHNA Group contributes to the professional integration of students. It supports new generations of students throughout their training as they make the journey into the workplace. But the Group also benefits from their knowledge and their view of the world, enabling it to rethink the way it operates and reinforce and extend its expertise.

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