More than nutrition

Customer and international relations, our driving forces

The plant and animal worlds are constantly evolving. Every year, we expand our range of activities as we enter new markets and establish new entities. Our professions adapt to these changes. Our leitmotifs are to acquire additional know-how in order to reinforce our expertise, to discover new cultures and to regularly reinvent our customer partnership arrangements.

Techna Group relationship with customers

Expertise at the heart of our professions

TECHNA Group’s raison d’être is to provide expertise to our customers. In order to do this, we prioritise the permanent development of our employees’ knowledge, providing an environment in which colleagues are encouraged to share their know-how. Of course, we operate traditional training programmes but, above all, we focus our efforts on scientific intelligence and feedback from the field. It is for this reason that our organisations are structured in such a way as to optimise exchange between employees. Working with livestock involves a significant degree of humility, whereby we have to question our convictions on a regular basis.



Techna Group expert advise customer

Expertise supporting our customers

Stemming from our research programmes, our solutions are developed for and with our customers. We adapt to their needs and address their specific problems. We deal with a broad variety of different customers, raw materials, economic contexts and technical processes, providing an ad hoc solution in every case. But it would be wrong to believe that our professions are confined to technical expertise. Accountants, manufacturing technicians, sales reps... In order to thrive, our Group draws upon expertise from numerous specialist fields.



The internationalisation of expertise

Species specialists, technical sales reps for the export market, formulators, crop experts... Countries across the globe turn to French expertise in the field of animal and plant production. Exporting our know-how is an ingenious approach to exploiting this fact. What sets us apart is a deliberately inter-cultural approach based on being open to others. Our development model is structured around having a France and International vision for our experts, and incorporating the perspectives of the different continents for our reps. It is an approach that also enables us to reinforce our expertise.

Our professions are characterised by expertise, customer relations and an international outlook. Every employee should be driven by this same objective. Discover how these values are put into practice in our employee testimonials.

Our professions

Feed formulator in Feedia feed expertise
"The reliability of our formulas is essential because the specifications are based on nutritional requirements derived from our matrices."
Testimony ruminant species specialist Techna feed expertise company
“Our objective is to enable the farmer customers of feed manufacturers to increase the technical and economic efficiency of their operations.”
testimony manufacturing technician animal feed Techna
“At TECHNA our expertise lies in our knowledge of ingredients and our mastery of the various manufacturing operations.”
Testimony technical sales rep in farms for animal specialities Nutral Techna
It’s my job to help farmers find solutions to their problems and optimise their farming operations.
export manager plant nutrition and health fruit vegetable crops
“My objective is to identify promising market segments and good growth drivers.”