More than nutrition


Human culture, respect for cultural identities and specific geographic characteristics, flexible working methods… These are the aspects that underpin the relationships we develop with our customers and the way we operate within the company. Human capital driven by six innovative values.

values employees Techna Group


To increase the expertise of our employees to serve the needs of our customers in each of our businesses so that we can provide high-quality support to animal and plant professionals; such is TECHNA Group’s objective. To achieve this, we operate a comprehensive training policy and ensure the pooling of knowledge between our different subsidiaries. We also provide the research resources (Euronutrition, private partnerships, relations with higher education) and documentation required to facilitate the permanent reinforcement of this knowledge and expertise.




Our corporate independence allows us to determine our own path, promote personal initiatives and maintain a forward-looking vision.


We value initiative, enabling employees to lead innovative projects for the Group whenever these projects bring added value to our customer partnerships. The Group thus allows employees to move into areas that may be different to their initial training.


Our employees are curious, constantly seeking innovations relating to their sector. As an international Group, the discovery of new cultures and new markets is part of our DNA.


We cultivate simplicity and conviviality within our structures and in the relationship we have with our customers. We also take part in regular sports events since we believe they are an effective platform for building team cohesion.


Our experts do not work in isolation in the recesses of their laboratories. They spend their days working to identify unique solutions, reflecting the actual needs of our customers on the ground.


Do you share these values? Do you want to work for a human-sized Group with an international influence? Feel free to contact us or apply for one of our advertised vacancies!


Our professions

The plant and animal worlds are constantly evolving. Every year, we expand our range of activities as we enter new markets and establish new entities. Our business lines adapt to these changes. Our leitmotifs are to acquire additional know-how in order to reinforce our expertise, to discover new cultures and to regularly reinvent our customer partnership arrangements.

Testimony technical sales rep in farms for animal specialities Nutral Techna
It’s my job to help farmers find solutions to their problems and optimise their farming operations.
export manager plant nutrition and health fruit vegetable crops
“My objective is to identify promising market segments and good growth drivers.”
Feed formulator in Feedia feed expertise
"The reliability of our formulas is essential because the specifications are based on nutritional requirements derived from our matrices."