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Imun'up : Immunonutrition , an improvement factor in poultry breeding


Feedia puts forward Imun'up, an innovative additive solution designed to optimise the immune status of young animals in poultry farms.

Imun'up is composed of a balanced blend of various plant extracts which have been specially selected and titrated. Its objective is twofold:

  • to modulate inflammatory response (non specific immunity)
  • to increase the immune response especially through the production of antibodies (specific immunity).

During the animal’s first days of life, Imun'up aims to:

  • improve vaccine uptake
  • limit inflammatory side-effects and therefore, to improve productivity under challenging rearing conditions.

By being supplied through poultry feed, Imun'up optimises the growth genetic potential and the feed efficiency.

Exists in BIO version


  • Powder

Incorporated into feed. Rate to be adjusted according to product concentration, species and physiological stage.

Feedia embodies Techna's range of advice and solutions in breeding techniques and precision nutrition, serving the performance of production organisations, feed manufacturers and their breeder customers.