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SPACE 2018: TECHNA Group experts step up their skills and expertise

28 Aug 2018 -
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Improving animal welfare, dealing with challenging periods such as high parasitic pressure in calves or piglet weaning, improving cows’ reproduction performance… Space 2018 will provide TECHNA Group with the opportunity to launch their new services and products for all species. Two of the Group’s activities will be featured at this event: our Feed Expertise and Animal Specialties Trades.

TECHNA research topics in line with the goals of the rabbit sector

Whether it is nutrition, demedication, breeding management strategies, animal welfare or meat quality, the main research topics of TECHNA Rabbit experts are largely in keeping with the overall goals of the rabbit sector as a whole. In terms of animal welfare, our rabbit experts design specific and customized nutritional feed specifications and provide a  fiber stick called Lapifibres, along with a range of nutritional solutions helping to deal with various issues such as aggressiveness or the control of parasite risks.

Using ethology to reduce the impact of aggressive behaviors on poultry performance

How can one reduce the negative impact of certain types of animal behaviors on overall technical and economic performance results in poultry? To answer this question, TECHNA experts have added ethology to their broad range of expertise. By acquiring and honing their knowledge in poultry behavior and undertaking dedicated field studies in this domain, TECHNA feed experts are now able to provide new concepts to their customers.

Balancing production and reproduction performance in cows & strengthening piglet robustness

To balance reproduction and production performances in dairy cows, TECHNA Ruminant Department puts forward a new approach called Reprolac for feed millers’ use. This approach relies on various devices and methods that can be used by the farm technician depending on the herd status and the farmer’s objectives. Last but not least, TECHNA pig experts pay particular attention to the issue of piglet robustness throughout the entire post-weaning period. The challenge lies in dealing with the difficult phases of piglet growth. To do this, TECHNA methods focus mainly on the improvement of piglet robustness from birth by investing in the sow’s nutrition with solutions such as Regastim.

Simplifying parasitic management strategies for calves

As part of SPACE 2018, NUTRAL experts will present their new approach designed to simplify parasitic risk management for young calves in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. It consists of two boluses that must be dispensed sequentially: Zorabol and Protobol. Composed of cranberries, garlic and oregon, Zorabol must be distributed 45 to 60 days after calving. This early distribution is aimed at sustaining the cow’s natural defenses and at reducing parasitic excretions after calving. Protobol aims to support the calf’s growth process during high-stress periods such as young age, weaning, changes of environment. Protobol includes interesting plants such as cinnamon, oregano and thyme.

SPACE 2018 will also be the opportunity to present the brand new packaging of NUTRAL’s liquid products. These refill pouches are aimed at limiting carbon footprint by reducing transportation time and the accumulation of plastic waste. Other news on the poultry side, NUTRAL flagship product, Epatral's new application on laying hens and broilers is designed to improve productivity and welfare. Composed of selected plants such as curcuma and artichokes, Epatral aims to support the liver of animals under feed transitions or high density diets as well as laying hens subject to intensive production.  


Be on the lookout for TECHNA new releases at the SPACE & visit our booths:

TECHNA GROUP: Hall 5 A10 - NUTRAL: Hall 1 C 23


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