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TECHNA is reorganising its brands to better address the challenges facing today’s agri-food industry

04 Mar 2019 -
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In 2019, TECHNA is reorganising its brand portfolio around the Group’s five business units, with each one becoming a brand in its own right. The objective? To better address the challenges facing today’s agri-food industry, focusing on 3 main pillars: Performance, Nature and Respect. From livestock to plants, via aquaculture and horses, discover these new brands.

In 2019, TECHNA is reorganising its brand portfolio.

TECHNA’s main activities are becoming specialist brands in their own right in France and around the world:

AQUANEO®: Services and products for the aquaculture sector, aimed at food manufacturers and fish and prawn producers.

FEEDIA® : A service company activity aimed at compound feed manufacturers. Advice, nutritional solutions and decision-making tools.

GREENOV® : Plant production specialities to support and stimulate crops (arable crops, market garden crops, flowers and vegetables).

NATUAL® : Nutritional specialities for animals, with no withdrawal periods, no residual traces and no resistance, to manage the main physiological functions of livestock.

PASKACHEVAL® : Nutritional specialities, hygiene products and leather care products for horses.

TECHNA® becomes the corporate brand for all its activities in France and around the world.

Better reflect the challenges of “Performance, Nature & Respect” facing today’s agri-food industry.

"Today, consumers are demanding more ethical production methods and the more respectful use of the planet’s limited natural resources. The upstream sector has a crucial role to play in this evolving environment”, explains the Group’s CEO, Christian BLUARD.

Optimising the use of the proteins ingested by ruminants, restoring the main physiological functions by using infinitesimal dilutions, optimising the gastrointestinal use of nutrients and reducing the use of pesticides on crops are just some of the solutions proposed by TECHNA.


TECHNA confirms its ambition to push back the boundaries.

With its resolutely nutrition-oriented DNA and more than 50 years of experience, TECHNA is proudly promoting its ambition to push back the boundaries. Its new maxim clearly reflects this: “More than Nutrition”.

“Feed well” and “Care for” go hand in hand with “Performance, Nature & Respect”: TECHNA brings its customers solutions in the fields of precision nutrition, animal husbandry techniques, farming practices and production economies, associated with methods that are more natural, eco-responsible and animal welfare-friendly, the ultimate aim being consumer confidence. These are the principles underpinning our commitment.




NB: Created in 1964 in the Nantes region of western France, TECHNA is an independent French company that belongs primarily to its employees. Supported by 300 employees, across 8 countries, TECHNA’s activities cover five specialised areas: from livestock to plants, via aquaculture and horses, and the company generated a turnover of €55 million in 2017.
Techna France Nutrition, Nutral, Hexagri, Horse Techna, Ege Techna, Techna Central and West Africa, Techna Ireland Nutrition, Techna Nutrition Vietnam, Techna Poland, Techna Tunisia and Techna Vitamix remain the registered names of TECHNA Group’s corporate entities.

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